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    Make your home stand out

    You have successfully picked the right agent for your property, and have worked hard with them on attracting attention for prospective leaseholders.

    Before finding your prospective leaseholder, you should make your property stand out among others. The exhibition time is the most opportune moment to showcase your property and let it shine. When showcasing your property, there are three key things to bear in mind. To get started, you want to make the first impression count.

    Secondly, you want to make your property keep lingering in the minds of your potential leaseholders. Lastly, you want to show how the property is loved and cared for; as this will set the standard of how you may want people to live similarly.
    Here are some essential tips to help you make your property unique and shine in the eyes of your prospective tenant.
    Always be ready for inspections

    Showing your property to as many people as possible will increase the chance of getting competitive offers from multiple people. Achieving this will require you to be always prepared; i.e., having it in its prime condition. Being prepared to allow viewing of the property by potential tenants any time will help lease your property quickly.

    Lighten up your interior space

    Dullness can also act as a put-off. Create a lively environment by having all lights switched on before the inspection. Natural light should also be let in by pulling back the curtains, even during the gloomy days. Mirrors can also be strategically positioned to illuminate the interior space and make it appear more spacious.

    Mind your safety and the safety of others

    When your property is open for inspections, it is the opportune moment for any potential person to pop in. But it is also the time when your most valued items could be compromised. While it is highly unlikely that anything should occur. Always have all your valuables and documents locked in a safe location. Your agent will always assess potential candidates before allowing entry to your home. It is also important to assess any potential risks before allowing people into your home. e.g. trip or electrical hazards.

    Keep your pets at bay

    Your dog is your best friend, but someone else may find it a little stressful to be in the company of your pet. When someone inspects, keep the pet restrained outside the house or leave it with a friend during the inspection time.

    Investor Portal

    PropertyTree Owner and Tenant Portal is an online platform where you can access your property information and communicate directly with your property manager. PropertyTree Owner and Tenant Portal gives you the flexibility to have real time access to your information, whenever you need it.

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