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    We’re big dreamers who are raising the bar for property owners, buyers, and tenants across Canberra. As a team that’s committed to doing our best by you, every step of the way, we’re all about delivering the kind of personalised service that makes you feel right at home. No matter where that is.

    Our M.O. is pretty simple: create experiences that move people. And do it exceptionally well.


    As a nimble team of experienced, savvy professionals, who also happen to be fantastic listeners, Hathaway is a breath of fresh air when it comes to Canberra’s real estate market.

    A commitment to making the impossible, well, possible is driven by four core values that help us deliver everything you’re looking for in your next move. They represent our beliefs, our process, and always inspire us to be better. Pair that with our detailed approach to big-picture thinking, and you’ve got a team of knowledgeable city guides slash certified house whisperers on your side. Now that’s a home run.

    Our core values


    Never one to do things by half-measures, the Hathaway team prides itself on offering an outstanding level of service. Whether you’re looking for advice on your next move or someone to help you make the goal possible, we’re all in on creating the kind of personalised experience that stands above the rest.


    Defined by excellence

    Wholeheartedly transparent

    Pursuing high standards

    and the highest quality

    Inspired by innovation

    The team

    We’re your go-to real estate people for today’s market and tomorrow’s potential.

    Thomas Hathaway


    Thomas Hathaway started his real estate career in 2008, and obtained his Diploma in Property to become a fully licensed real estate agent in 2010.

    With an inexorable passion for what he does, Thomas strives to stay ahead of the game with his market knowledge. Thomas’ expertise has grown over the years to become an experienced agent in all aspects of real estate industry, particularly property management, marketing and accounting.

    Thomas has been well recognised throughout the ACT, having received the top accolade of Allhomes Rising Star in Property Management for 2017.

    Thomas prides himself in his heartfelt and enthusiastic drive to provide his clients with extraordinary results. Thomas has dedication, commitment and is knowledgeable in his field.

    Thomas’ view of the real estate industry and technology is fresh and innovative, adapting to his clients’ needs. Thomas treats people with respect and keeps their needs attended to even before they fall due.

    Thomas’ level of professionalism exceeds that of the industry standard, and he maintains a high level of courteousness when dealing with his clients.

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