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Hathaway Real Estate (HRE) is an agency dedicated to offering real solutions to property owners, buyers and tenants. With a drive to be an industry leader, HRE evolves with a developing industry to become a driving force for real estate in the ACT.

In a crowded and competitive market, true differentiation can be difficult with agents offering similar services and attributes; HRE is different.

Delivering value to clients starts with knowing what they want - by listening. As a boutique agency, HRE delivers a service so personal that our clients will think of us as colleagues who genuinely have their best interests at heart. Built on four core values, HRE strives to meet the needs of property owners, buyers, sellers and tenants. This drive brings an increasing network of loyal customers in the Canberra region.

our core values

our core values

Hathaway Real Estate is guided by four core values which have seen us command attention in the real estate industry.





Excellence: Hathaway Real Estate (HRE) prides itself on providing an outstanding level of service to achieve customer satisfaction. HRE is results orientated and makes itself accountable to its clients; both property owners and tenants. HRE provides a professional and reliable service which sets us apart from others in the field.

Ethics: HRE takes an ethical approach to real estate management, and prides themselves on being trustworthy which generates a mutual respect.

All HRE practices comply with current legislation, including but not limited to:
The Residential Tenancies Act 1997
The Agents Act 2003
Competition and Consumer Act 2010

Quality: The high standard application of property management practices used by HRE are reliable and achieve favourable results for our clients. Our communication principles ensure that clients are confident in the knowledge that they are receiving high quality service return on their investment.

Innovation: An innovative approach gives clients security in knowing that HRE is providing the most efficient and cutting edge property management technologies. Remaining ahead of the game in an ever evolving industry is important to ensure the best is being achieved in all facets of the market.

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